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Autumn trees

Our first autumn

My mum always loved this time of year. Because she did, so do I. I have these memories of misty woodland walks through drifts of ruby and amber leaves, jumping into piles of them, kicking them up as if back to their branches, and picnics eaten ravenously in […]

The Empire Strikes Back - Nooooooooo

Mummy’s teething troubles

I’m in the middle of a very normal, adult phone conversation with Dominic, the kind that usually involves trying to scrounge up a plan for dinner, when I gasp. Lorelei is busily munching and slathering on my fingers (again, the usual), but something is unmistakably different. I can […]

The last day of your first outfit

My Lorelei, at last you grew out of the first outfit you ever wore. In a matter of days (it fit you perfectly last week!) you’re big enough to embody the whole two-month change from crumpled, quiet newborn to grinning, gurgling little person. This short life in which […]

young anakin skywalker phantom menace

Truly wonderful the smile of a child is

  Lorelei is smiling now, and since she’s started there’s been (almost) no stopping her. There seems to be no end of reasons for her to get that twinkle in her eye; a song or simple face-pulling game, getting her nappy changed, or seeing our bleary faces in […]