The last day of your first outfit

My Lorelei, at last you grew out of the first outfit you ever wore. In a matter of days (it fit you perfectly last week!) you’re big enough to embody the whole two-month change from crumpled, quiet newborn to grinning, gurgling little person. This short life in which […]

Enfys Nest: Solo’s superior outlaw

In my immediate response to Solo: A Star Wars Story, I extolled my newfound love for one Enfys Nest. However, during the short promotional period leading up to the release, I confess I wasn’t much fussed about Enfys – this still being the time I was lukewarm about […]

Ode to the N1 Naboo Starfighter

The Star Wars franchise boasts one of the best looking and most enduring fleets in all of science fiction. While I love Slave 1, Star Destroyers and the Millennium Falcon as much as the next fan, there’s another little ship that has soared its way into my top […]

young anakin skywalker phantom menace

Truly wonderful the smile of a child is

  Lorelei is smiling now, and since she’s started there’s been (almost) no stopping her. There seems to be no end of reasons for her to get that twinkle in her eye; a song or simple face-pulling game, getting her nappy changed, or seeing our bleary faces in […]