P&P: Sharing the Star Wars love

Craig Sutton was the perfect age to catch the Original Trilogy in theatres and now he’s passing the torch to his own kids. In this week’s Parents & Padawans, Craig tells us about themed birthday parties and how he named one of his daughters after a certain princess. […]

Raising for Rebels

There’s a long tradition of charity and fundraising in Star Wars fandom demonstrating the love, generosity and goodness this community is capable of. It’s a tradition that we want to become a part of, reaching for the stars to bring some light into lives that need it most, […]

Helping her speak her mind

Whenever we’ve been struggling a bit with the whole parenting thing, something seems to present itself to make us feel competent again. After a handful of unsettled nights and grouchy days Lorelei had her 12 month check-up, and I feel so proud of how she’s grown up and […]