Parents & Padawans

P&P: Sharing the Star Wars love

Craig Sutton was the perfect age to catch the Original Trilogy in theatres and now he’s passing the torch to his own kids. In this week’s Parents & Padawans, Craig tells us about themed birthday parties and how he named one of his daughters after a certain princess. You can find Craig on Twitter @thecraigsutton and read his thoughts on martial arts and The Last Dragon here.


Did you make a conscious decision to introduce your little one to Star Wars, or did it happen more organically?

A little bit of both. As a huge Star Wars fan, of course, I wanted my girls to enjoy it as well, but my oldest got introduced to it organically when we went to visit my parents and she found my old Star Wars action figures and Return of the Jedi read-along storybook. She was about 3 years old. We listened to the tape and followed along in the book. Then she was hooked. We ended up recreating the Jabba the Hutt scene with action figures constantly after that. At bedtime, she wanted to hear more so I told her stories about the movies before we ever watched them.

How does this approach compare to your own introduction?

I saw the original Star Wars in theatres, so my introduction was very different

What advice would you give to parents looking to introduce their own child to the franchise?

Get the children’s books and read them. Get them action figures and play with them. Tell them Star Wars bedtime stories. Let them watch movie clips and cartoons on YouTube.

There’s more Star Wars content aimed at younger kids than ever before, from Galaxy of Adventures to the junior novelisations. But what do you want to see more of?

Love the Galaxy of Adventures on YouTube. Would love to see longer versions of these. My youngest daughter (3.5) mostly watches YouTube and barely any TV so YouTube content is critical. Also would be good to get more Star Wars toys in the hands of the popular kid’s YouTube channels. The only toys my kids are interested in buying are from those videos.

Has Star Wars brought you closer together as a family and, if so, how?

Yes. One of my girls 4th birthday party was Star Wars themed by her choice. We watch every new movie together, play with the toys and they love to dress up like the characters.

Who do you think is the best role model in the franchise and why?

Princess Leia – she’s a strong leader. Nothing can stop her from accomplishing her goals. She lost everything (her whole world, 2 sets of parents, her husband, her son to the dark side, etc.) yet she perseveres and succeeds! My youngest daughter is named after her!

Padmé, Ashoka, Luke, Yoda, Qui-Jon, and Obi-Wan are also great.

George Lucas always said that Star Wars is for children, so tell us what your kid(s) think about the franchise?

My kids love Star Wars. My oldest daughter helped pick the name Leia for her sister. They really like the prequels and originals. They liked The Force Awakens, Rogue One and Solo but did not enjoy The Last Jedi. My oldest (7.5) is starting to lose interest and my 3.5-year-old is not into as much as my oldest was at her age, but there is still hope for her.

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