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P&P: Turning Star Wars into family bonding time

For this week’s Parents and Padawans, we chatted with Kristie about bonding over Star Wars, family Halloween costumes and why Ezra Bridger is the franchise’s best role model.


Did you make a conscious decision to introduce your little one to Star Wars, or did it happen more organically?

Definitely organically. I’ve always been a huge fan, and my husband likes it as well, so when I brought the kiddos home from the hospital I just sat on the couch with them and we started watching! They’ve been surrounded by it ever since.

How does this approach compare to your own introduction?

It’s somewhat similar I suppose. My first memory of Star Wars was sneaking out of my bedroom with my little sister to see what our parents were watching after they put us to bed. I saw C-3P0 walking on the sand dunes, got caught being up and begged to be able to watch. My dad has joked since that he never should have let me stay up, it created a monster!

What advice would you give to parents looking to introduce their own child to the franchise?

Watch it with them. If you’re excited about it, they will be too! Before you know they will have their own favourite characters and episodes too!

There’s more Star Wars content aimed at younger kids than ever before, from Galaxy of Adventures to the junior novelisations. But what do you want to see more of?

More of it all honestly! I love the Forces of Destiny stuff. My daughter adores her, Rey, Sabine and Ahsoka dolls. They love the TV shows, like Rebels and The Clone Wars.

Has Star Wars brought you closer together as a family and, if so, how?

I think so. We’ve turned it into a thing. We watched Rebels as a family, no one could watch if someone was missing! We’re doing it now again with The Clone Wars because my husband hasn’t seen them all, he needs to get caught up before season 7! We do a family Halloween costume this year and the kids said we had to go as Star Wars characters. It’s just a fun thing to do together.

Who do you think is the best role model in the franchise and why?

Ezra Bridger. The kid always thought of others. He learned from his mistakes and he always gave people the benefit of a doubt. He was willing to sacrifice everything for his friends and his family but he wasn’t perfect. He had flaws and I think it’s important for the kids to see that and to see it in someone who isn’t that much older than they are.

George Lucas always said that Star Wars is for children, so tell us what your kid(s) think about the franchise?

They love it! I have a son and daughter both under 8 and they love everything about it. They dress up and battle each other, they talk about it with their friends. We have a saying in our house that goes “We love Jesus and Star Wars” and boy can people tell!

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  1. Sweet! I loved reading this interview. I also love Ezra and agree that part of his character dynamic is how he fits into the Ghost crew, which is his surrogate family. He gets called out by Kanan and Hera when he does something wrong but Ezra admits his errors. You can tell he wants to be part of the family and earn their trust and respect. He knows they won’t shut him out and that he can trust them when he wants to get something off his chest.

    I think that’s a good lesson for kids who may be hesitant to tell their parents when they screw up or have problems. But it’s good for them to express what they are feeling and parents who acknowledge and listen can help them.

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