Parents & Padawans

P&P: Don’t underestimate the power of porgs

In this week’s Parents & Padawans, we chat with Matt from the Star Wars Sessions podcast about his young daughter’s porg obsession. You can catch up with Matt over on Twitter @StarWarsSession


Did you make a conscious decision to introduce your little one to Star Wars, or did it happen more organically?

Yes and no. Because I love all things Star Wars – I watch the movies a lot, watch the TV shows, have the books, toys etc – it was almost inevitable my near three-year-old daughter would show some interest, though some slight persuasion may have occurred!

Once she saw the porgs during The Last Jedi trailer that was it, sold. She has a porg cuddly toy which she sleeps with nightly and refers to as her “best friend”. On that, she can recite the major characters names by visual now – it makes me a proud father hearing her shout “Maul!”, “Rey!”, “Darth!”, “Grievous!” etc.

How does this approach compare to your own introduction?

Differently. One afternoon when I was five or six, my dad had The Empire Strikes Back on the television and it was during the Dagobah scenes. My small eye was drawn to the little green guy and the strange jungle he lived in. I didn’t fully understand what the Force was, but I loved the look of it all and really from there on, I was hooked. My dad, brother and uncle are all big fans (and always have been) so Star Wars has always been around in some way. I’d go to my grandparents and play with my uncles Star Wars toys and see his collection of (now) Legends novels – it was all so expansive and wondrous. Still is now.

What advice would you give to parents looking to introduce their own child to the franchise?

I guess, the main advice would be not to push it. There’s nothing worse than being told to like something if your heart isn’t in it. That said, every parent knows their kid and what level is best to start with. Forces of Destiny is a fun (and quick) intro for younger, shorter attention spans. Of course, Resistance is skewed slightly more towards young ones (The Clone Wars and Rebels, for me, are for older kids, maybe 10 and above?). There’s plenty of books for kids (Chewie and the Porgs!) so it’s not like there isn’t enough material for all children – it just depends on whether they click with it or not.

There’s more Star Wars content aimed at younger kids than ever before, from Galaxy of Adventures to the junior novelisations. But what do you want to see more of?

I really enjoyed Forces of Destiny and the short, snappy approach to storytelling. More of that would be welcome, maybe ten-minute episodes full of fun and adventure – and colour, lots of colour! (and porgs).

Who do you think is the best role model in the franchise and why?

Luke Skywalker, possibly, but then he killed millions people on the Death Star… for the greater good. His arc, however, is the best to follow. From whiny dreamer to powerful pacifist/projectionist. Mon Mothma always sought a diplomatic solution without the need for violence, so I’d say Mon.

George Lucas always said that Star Wars is for children, so tell us what your kid(s) think about the franchise?

Give me a few years, but porgs, Rey, lightsaber toys and Chewie are enough to make my daughter happy currently!

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