Parents & Padawans

P&P: Podcaster & 501st member raising three rebels

For our inaugural Parents & Padawans, we spoke to 501st member and dad of three Todd Hoffman from WSTR Galactic Public Access. Be sure to check out the podcast and visit @wstrmedia on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find Todd at @Tizzzzod.


Did you make a conscious decision to introduce your little one to Star Wars, or did it happen more organically?

I have 3 kids. Jordan 23, Trent 6 and Ellie 3. Each one was different.

Jordan is my stepson, when my wife and I met it was 2000 so he got full blown prequel trilogy. We went to both Celebration II and III. It wasn’t really forced, but I was already full blown into it at that point and my wife and my son Jordan got hooked up into everything I was passionate it.

Trent, his nursery was all Star Wars related and his first word was Boba. It was downhill from there. It wasn’t completed forced, but he was introduced to it a very early age and he enjoys it very much.

Ellie, the wife said 1 year off, so no geek or Star Wars related stuff for our baby girl. Well she still a little spitfire and not is into as much as Trent but she still enjoys it and has fun with Star Wars.

How does this approach compare to your own introduction?

My father was really into science fiction book reading and so I saw all these amazing covers but I remember going to the theatres as kid and desperately trying to rent the VHS copies of Star Wars, but he never pushed it upon me.

What advice would you give to parents looking to introduce their own child to the franchise?

Star Wars has so many different avenues to consume. I would suggest doing it softly. I know some of the big books were like A, B, C books with Star Wars characters or the Jeffrey Brown books are so fun and whimsical. The new YouTube series [Galaxy of Adventures] that Star Wars is introducing is great for these short little animated bits are great for soft introductions for your children.

Has Star Wars brought you closer together as a family and, if so, how?

Yes, of course. Family movie nights. Events, you name it. I am part of the 501st and out of the Midwest Garrison (Chicago, IL).  So I am always going to troops and really brings the best thing about Star Wars. People that love Star Wars and want to share that with kids and families and creates this amazing community that my kids can see and grow up in. Star Wars has many, many teaching lessons that you can use as a parent and helps bring those Star Wars moments that you are experiencing in real life.

Who do you think is the best role model in the franchise and why? 

Oh man, that is a loaded question. For kids, you cannot go wrong with Ahsoka. I think she is the more pure and direct then any of the other Jedi and Star Wars characters. She is obedient and respectful, but also chose her own path when the Jedi Masters let her down.

George Lucas always said that Star Wars is for children, so tell us what your kid(s) think about the franchise?

They love it. My son Trent’s favourite characters change almost weekly, but he generally loves everything Star Wars. Ellie loves when Daddy goes trooping and gets to see all these amazing characters come to life. Again, we don’t watch movies every day or consuming it every day, but it is something that is a big part of my life which then I use to again teach lessons or say quotes from it which rubs off on the kids.

If you’d like to share your own Star Wars parenting experience, drop us a line at 

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