One step forward, two steps back

It’s been about a year since becoming a father and in that time one thing has become abundantly clear to me – parenting is case of one step forward, two steps back. Sometimes it’s more like three steps back, but you get the general idea.

After recently spending our wedding night away from Lorelei – the first we’d both been apart from our daughter – Elisabeth and I decided that it was time to cut Lori off from her beloved breast milk. This in tandem with letting her squawk herself to sleep.

We’d just about managed to get her sleeping through the night, before moving house and disturbing that fragile sleep schedule. We knew this two-pronged approach wasn’t going to be easy but, against all odds, it seemed to go swimmingly… for two nights at least.

For those two blessed evenings, Lori went to bed with a bit of a cry and a cup of warm milk and slept right through to morning. It appeared that we’d finally cracked it, that we could once again spend our evenings together the way we used to. But then both her top canines punched through the gums.

Though Lori’s incisors had come in months ago, giving her mother no end of ouchies, the pause button had been pushed on the whole teething process. Not that we had any complaints as it’s not exactly been one of the best parts of having a kid. Here in the UK, the NHS has advised parents to avoid teething gels and instead rely on chew toys and, get this, massaging their baby’s gums with a finger. That might work for those first few teeth, but for a crying irritable one year old who bites (hard!) it only makes things worse. For the sake of Lori’s pain and for our own sanity, we’re sticking with the teething gel, thanks. Though if you’ve got any tips, feel free to let us know in the comments.

From sleeping through to hardly sleeping at all, it’s certainly been a week of ups and downs. Right now we’re two steps back and I’m treading carefully to find those next few forward. Until then it’s back to surviving on a few hours sleep. That is the way of all parents, after all.

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  1. The gel just slides around for us, try ambesol liquid. Dip her toothbrush in it and then let her chew it. Leon’s got a toothbrush for his teething that’s just for ambesol and chewing. ❤️

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