Can you say star?

Yavin IV

In the last week or so, Lorelei has been making some solid attempts at mastering her first word. I’ll give you three guesses what it could be. Vader? Lightsaber? Midichlorian? No, it’s “star”. On the cusp of being one year old and she’s already halfway to saying “Star Wars”. Or “Death Star”…hmm.

Leaving that chilling thought well alone, her choice is no surprise. Although it was far from our first guess, our credits being on “tree” for our nature girl, when we cast our minds back over her first months and even those first days, we’ve been surrounding her with stars all that time. Dreaming of the geek she could be drew us to furnish her play space and bedroom with star toyboxes, starry bedsheets, dressing her up in star-and-rocket print sleepsuits. Even her Moses basket, where we tentatively laid her down to sleep from her first day at home, was covered with the twinkly things. I remember her eyes being drawn to them when she’d just woken up one afternoon. I pointed to one after the other singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, a tune she now adores doing hand actions to, grinning all the while.

It’s just another way her first days on earth and who she’s become have spun full circle. How she was born under snow clouds and now loves to feel a cold breeze on her face. Even before that, who knows how many times she heard me or her daddy talk about our favourite space fantasy franchise while in utero? The stars of that galaxy have been with her ever since she could tune in to the world outside my womb, a time that now feels so very far, far away. Maybe our love for Star Wars, made brighter by our love for her, somehow came over back then? Maybe, ever since she could listen, she’s been ready to say that one word.

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