Celebrating the first anniversary of Raising a Rebel


I’d long wanted to start a Star Wars blog, but every idea floundered in its early stages. But when Elisabeth fell pregnant, the idea for Raising a Rebel popped into my mind fully formed. About a week before our daughter Lorelei was born, we posted our first post (on mothers in Star Wars, no less) and before we knew it, we were three. Now here we are one year later.

Part of the site was a way of chronicling our lives as parents in our respective daddy diaries and mummy missives, but also writing and sharing in-depth articles. Some of the pieces we’re most proud of include our Alderaan travelogue, a breakdown of Luke Skywalker’s psychology, exploring the nature verses nurture argument with Boba Fett, breaking down the mythic archetypes of Maul and shining a light on the complicated heroes of Rogue One.

There are also our opinion pieces which is mostly an excuse for me to shout about things about the franchise which I feel don’t get enough love or attention, or to offer my own thoughts on current issues in the fandom. Here’s where I argue Rey is not a Mary Sue and, more recently, praise Jake Lloyd’s performance as Anakin Skywalker.

But rather than just looking back over the last year, I wanted to think about what’s to come. Now that Lorelei is a year old, we can start going to some local conventions, so expect some more interesting parenting posts in the months to come. There’ll also be plenty more opinion pieces and editorials.

That much won’t change, but I want to do something more with the site, become a real force for positivity. Although we’re still in the early planning stages, I can reveal that we’ll be dipping our toe into fundraising for children in what we’ll be calling Raising For Rebels. More details in future updates.

Community is important to Raising a Rebel, so we want to know what our readers want to see from the site going forward. Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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