How Star Wars brought me closer to my partner


When Elisabeth and I get married next month, we’ll have been together seven years. We met as teenagers at university, where we were both studying creative writing, and now our daughter is almost a year old. But, if I’m honest, we didn’t have all that much in common back then. Sure, there were a few similarities, but we enjoyed different books, music, art and activities. This isn’t so much of an issue early on in a relationship – the so-called “honeymoon period” – but after a while some common ground is needed.

We both of us jumped into the other’s interest, trying to make ourselves that much more desirable. Maybe you’ve done this same thing in a relationship yourself. While you might discover a few new favourites this way, it’s kind of tantamount to faking it. There was a pulling apart at times, a feeling as though we’d never have anything that was just for us. At first there was anime. We even started our own blog, which filled that hole between us for a while. But then utilising keywords, monetisation and securing sponsorship quickly changed what had been quality couple’s time into business.

But in December 2015, things changed. The Force Awakens was released into cinemas and Elisabeth and I went along on opening night. A few hours later, my partner had gone from the most casual of fans to a diehard and she’s not looked back since. Now we had something we could share together, that was entirely our own. It’s no surprise that I became a collector now that I had someone to share the joy of finding a new piece with.

Flash forward a few years and we’d started this site and chosen Amidala as our daughter’s middle name. Next month our wedding will feature a host of Star Wars minutia, from cardboard cut-outs and character cake toppers, to table dressing and music. It’s not just a celebration of this silly space franchise we both adore, but an acknowledgement of the role it’s played in our relationship, bringing us closer together and giving us something we can both enjoy with our child. So I’m sure Elisabeth will concur when I give a happy Valentine’s Day not just to her, but to Star Wars and also to you, dear reader.

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