Crawling, sitting-up and babbling – all in a week’s work

Part of being parent is learning to be patient. For me it’s been a slow study, given I’ve all the patience of Anakin when trying to get onto the Jedi Council. There’s an expectation, too, that childhood developments will arrive one at a time – the first tooth; crawling, and then maybe some babbling. But this last week has seen our daughter start crawling, sit up unaided and say “dada”.

The crawling has been a long time coming. For months now, Lorelei has managed a kind of combat crawl or a strange shuffling that looked kind of like a Boga. But then, seemingly all of a sudden, her hands were going forward, then her knees followed, and she was off. Elisabeth and I thought it’d be easier when the baby was crawling, but it’s just brought its own set of challenges. Namely, she can disappear under a table faster than we can catch her.

Her sitting up unaided has also been its own little victory, especially after months of leaning to one side and using one hand for support. Being able to sit up means she can (finally) use her bath seat and I can put the cramped baby tub into storage. She’s also much more comfortable in her high chair. Oh yeah, that’s right, she’s started weaning now. Unlike most children, Lori’s favourite food to date has been broccoli. I think we’ve got a weird one on our hands.

Then there’s her babbling. I can’t help but feel a little thrill every time she says “dada”. Of course, I know she doesn’t understand the word itself – to her itself a repetition or getting use to the mechanics of her mouth – but I still feel proud.

We’ve spent six months as parents – and, Star Wars bloggers – and it’s difficult to imagine life before our daughter. I can’t wait for what the future holds. For now, there’ll probably be quite a few more sleepless nights as her teeth keep growing in.

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  1. So cute! It took my daughter forever to crawl. She sat up super early and then…didn’t want to move ever again hahahaha. She didn’t crawl until a year and then didn’t walk until 15 months. People were always baffled that she had no motivation to crawl but it didn’t bother us.

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