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The Force Awakens - Rey and Finn running

Lorelei is currently in the throes of a learning spurt, taking on new skills faster than we can keep up with. In one weekend alone, she cracked rolling over, sticking her tongue out and gave us her first proper giggles. All in two days!

Unfortunately, along with the spurt and the epic shifts in perception it means for Lori, comes the crankiness to rival Kylo Ren. Now, when she’s screaming because she’s tired and refuses to nap, one of the few things that will calm her down is being ‘walked’ around the room, one bandy-legged baby step at a time. 

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yes, she can bear her weight on her legs now which means she wants to be walking on her own two feet, like, yesterday. When she isn’t being taken for a totter by one of her soon-to-be-hunchbacked parents, she’s trying to crawl and belly sliding in circles on her play mat. Sometimes she manages to move forward, just a tiny bit. And we’re caught off guard by the pride as she kicks herself an inch with outstretched toes. 

She demands to be everywhere and see everything at once. All that, and we think she’s ready to wean. She reckons she’s a big girl now, and milk is for babies. Five minutes on the boob and she’ll go back to munching on her hand. Or sucking on my arm, of all things. 

So, all of a sudden we’ve needed a heap more baby supplies to meet with her ambition. Weaning kit, high chair, and a bath seat since she’s already too big for her own little tub.  Force preserve us. 

Our wallets are fostering cobwebs, our backs are sore and our every attempt at conversation is interrupted by squealing. (Unless it’s past bedtime. Thank goodness she sleeps easily at night.) But despite it all, we’re both excited to see where she goes from here. We want to mash up veggies for her  demanding appetite and watch her smile as she takes those amazingly adult steps on the living room carpet. Because we want to do anything and everything to see her happy. That alone will always be worth the headaches, and backaches, and sore eyes when she wakes us up squealing, yet again, only to grin as soon as she sees our faces. 

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  1. How old is she now?? She sounds like she’s going through a huge learning curve! They say that your brain develops more the first 3 years of your life than any other time in your existence. It’s really amazing the first year vs the second year. I’m on the 3rd year (she’s just over 2 yo) and it’s still so fascinating to think about a year ago and even 2 years ago vs. now.


    • She’s four months now, 18 weeks just last Friday! I’m amazed by how fast she’s coming along, and as tiring as it can be to look after her at the moment it’s just wonderful to see the person she’s becoming. So determined and curious! I can imagine how mind-boggling it is to look back on these early months when they get a little older. It’s already weird to think that she’ll be over a year old this time next year and how much more she’ll be able to do then. It’s truly miraculous to watch a human mind developing before your eyes.


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