They grow up so fast: three months and counting


There’s an oddness to the passing of time as a new parent. While the hours swell and contract much as they had done before I called myself a father, the weeks and months themselves seem somehow both quick and slow.

It might just be that today my little Lorelei is three months old and I’m left wondering where the time’s gone. Yet as I look back on the days that comprise this precious little time of her life thus far, it seems as though my own life before seems distant and abstract.

Already she’s reminding me of Luke Skywalker staring out wide-eyed at the stars (these stars being the ones printed on her Moses basket and change mat). She’s so vocal now, too, letting off strings of verbiage and little howls and moans that come out sounding like Shyriiwook. Her alertness and vibrancy real makes it feel as though she’s with us and present, a part of our interactions and conversations. Her little smiles or babbles always as if in response.

One of the greatest pleasures I’ve discovered as a dad is just relaxing on the sofa with Lori on my lap, turned just so to face the sun dappled trees, or angled to watch TV. Why only this week we were engrossed in Return of the Jedi before jumping forward to The Force Awakens.

Being as Elisabeth and I started this site in the days leading up to Lori’s birth, we watch Raising a Rebel grown and unfold alongside the development of our daughter. So here’s to the next three months of both. For now, me and Lori are overdue a Last Jedi re-watch.

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