Month: June 2018

Sorry kiddo, I was a reckless teen

Lately I’ve been thinking not only about the consequences that my current actions will have on my daughter, but also my past behaviours. For want of an all-encompassing term, I’ll use ‘retrograde responsibility’ which I’ll define as feelings of guilt over things years past. Specifically, actions which may […]

Revisiting the Clone Wars micro-series

For over a decade, animation has formed one of the key pillars of the Star Wars franchise. The success and popularity of The Clone Wars kept the franchise alive long enough for Disney to swoop in and turn out new movies. But before the series that introduced Ahsoka […]

The last day of your first outfit

My Lorelei, at last you grew out of the first outfit you ever wore. In a matter of days (it fit you perfectly last week!) you’re big enough to embody the whole two-month change from crumpled, quiet newborn to grinning, gurgling little person. This short life in which […]