Enfys Nest: Solo’s superior outlaw


In my immediate response to Solo: A Star Wars Story, I extolled my newfound love for one Enfys Nest. However, during the short promotional period leading up to the release, I confess I wasn’t much fussed about Enfys – this still being the time I was lukewarm about the idea of a Solo standalone in the first place. But then it was revealed that Enfys was, in fact, a woman. This changed the context of the character and suddenly I was interested.

It’s not that being a woman necessitates a better character, of course, but another male antagonist in a mask was hardly what the franchise needed. Aside from a stirring musical cue, Enfys seemed destined to be just another two-bit villain that Han would inevitably overcome. But then something surprising happened.

Though the reveal of Enfys as this young, vulnerable and, crucially, capable girl doesn’t win any points for gender politics (especially post-Phasma), there was something deeper at play. Rather than being some big bad marauder, she was in fact the plucky leader of a rebel cell, in the years before these separate factions united together under one banner. This is just one woman leading a disenfranchised band to help others and fight back against the stranglehold of the Empire. Though Han ultimately chose not to side with Enfys and her Cloud Riders, that he decided to help them spoke volumes for his character and his willingness to stand with the undermined against the powerful.

There’s a lot to like in Solo, but the introduction of Enfys Nest is one of the highlights. I’m excited where she’ll go from here, be that in a sequel movie, a novel, comic book or Forces of Destiny short. What I’m really hoping for, though, is for Enfys to be part of the forthcoming Resistance animated series.

Enfys is portrayed as anywhere between 16 and 20 and so by the period that Resistance is set – a few years before The Force Awakens – so that would make her around 50, so there’s no reason she can’t be one of the higher-ups with Leia and Holdo. The thought alone fills me with excitement because her appearance in Solo alone isn’t enough. Enfys is another exciting addition the roster of Star Wars characters and I, for one, can’t wait to see more.

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  1. For me, Enfys Nest could be a mirror of Boba Fett: masked, capable, pretty damn cool (she has her own theme tune!), and mysterious enough that you want to know more.

    I’m also digging the faintly Celtic/Brythonic vibe (her name is Welsh for ‘rainbow’, and the music sounds a little like Karl Jenkins’ work crossed with the Farscape theme.)

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    • That’s a really cool way of looking at it and bodes well for the Solo Boba movie.

      Bonus points for referencing Farscape (which I adore). Now that you mention it, her theme does sound similar to the Farscape theme.

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