Growing up right before our eyes


The Force Awakens - BB-8

We’ve been sharing our favourite things with Lorelei since her first days in the world, starting with A New Hope the night we brought her home. But now she’s a month old, she’s recognising and responding to the songs and sounds that mean the most to us. She’ll widen her eyes for the 20th Century Fox fanfare, and wriggles with excitement when she hears BB-8 beep and trill, just like she did inside me when we first watched The Last Jedi.

She’s already growing up before our eyes. It’s wondrous to see, and just a little bit scary. It’s as if we can already discern the person she’ll grow up to be when she startles at the sparking of a saber and then stares in awe. Even when the world’s still so new, there are fragments of things familiar to her, bringing her comfort in memories from the womb.

As much as Dominic and I both long to meet that person, and hear her tell us about her favourite things, time is flying too fast to keep up. We’re trying to hold tight to every moment and capture every twinkle of recognition in her eyes. Still, the moments slip through our fingers. All the more reason to treasure them, sharing as much of our love, and ourselves, with her as we can.


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