Finding balance in being a dad


Being a parent is a lot like the force, in that balance is the best approach, something I’m becoming increasingly aware of. Between us, Elisabeth and I have become a complete support system for our daughter. Yet it’s an impossibility to be forever together, the three of us. As much as we as individuals need our own space from time to time, life also tends to get in the way.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, sleep has become a luxury, one I’ll never take for granted again. To try and make up for lost sleep, Elisabeth tries and naps when Lorelei does. The trouble is, the little nipper has a tendency to wake up. A lot. So the weekend past, and to try and ensure Beth had at least a few hours to recuperate, I tried to placate and pacify an increasingly hungry baby.

I held her, sang songs and talked to her in that cute nonsense babble that babies seem to appreciate. For all that, I could see she was getting agitated. A change of nappy seemed to help, and after that I rocked her with one arm for a little while.

Only now Lorrie was crying. Taking my own mum’s advice, I walked around the house. Up and down the stairs and along the hallways over and over. But it worked. Daring to press my luck, I sterilised a pacifier and offered it to her. Rather than pulling a face best described as disgusted (as she had done on our first attempt), this time Lorrie greedily accepted it.

Although she didn’t quite get off to sleep, she did fall into a contended and restful state nestled into the crook of my arm while I caught up on YouTube videos and Twitter. Her hungry stomach, however, could only really be kept at bay for so long. Eventually, I had to wake Elisabeth. At least she managed to steal a few extra hours from the land of nod.

Herein lies the balance. It’s become apparent in all aspects of our parenting, so while Elisabeth feeds Lorrie, say, I’ll make sure and get on top of the cooking and cleaning. In between all that, I’m still finding time to write these blogs and play with Star Wars Lego sets. Clearly, the balanced approach is working.

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