Naming our daughter after Padmé Amidala


Padmé Amidala, a wonderful role model

Almost all Star Wars fans with children must have at one time or another imagined bestowing their kid with a name taken from the franchise. It was something Elisabeth and I imagined, long before we even had a little one of our own.

With three positive pregnancy tests on our side, we started compiling a master list of names. Our favourite for a boy was Ezra (three guesses where we got that one from), but we were delighted to discover we were having a girl. Anyone who has been following us here or on Twitter will know that we eventually settled on Lorelei. But we knew we wanted a Star Wars name in there somewhere.

Rather than a spur of the moment decision, Elisabeth and I thought long and hard about giving our daughter such a name. Part way through the pregnancy, Elisabeth’s mother Vivienne passed away. We wanted to honour her and so that became Lorelei’s middle name. But still we couldn’t put the thought of a Star Wars name out of our minds. And so, having decided, we officially registered her with the name Lorelei Vivienne Amidala Cuthbert. I, for one, can’t wait to see that on her passport.

As well as being a beautiful name in its own right, Padmé Amidala is a great role model for our daughter to aspire to. We only hope that she doesn’t hate us for it once she hits her teenage years. Such is the plight of all parents.

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  1. HA! My daughters middle name is Rey…just one middle name because I adored Rey so much. And her first name is Star Wars inspired too, but spelled differently than the character – I didn’t want her to COMPLETELY hate us.

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