Taking the baby shopping for (Daddy’s) toys


Courtesy of B&M Stores

Everything is new through a newborn’s eyes, and so even simple things such as shopping take on a wondrous new life. There’s an innocence about the world again, some unspoiled beauty.

This morning, Lorelei enjoyed her first trip to the shops. Though she’d been out once before in her buggy, that was more to quell mine and Elisabeth’s anxieties. A test run, so to speak. But the spring sunshine was glorious and so today we took a real trip.

But I had my own agenda, I wanted to hunt around and see if I could snap up some Star Wars figures on the cheap. These are what me and Elisabeth had previously referred to as our “Star Wars hunts”. Basically, we’d go from shop to shop in any given town and seek out toys, merchandise and collectibles. Often this meant visiting the same stores twice, comparing prices and bagging the best deal. Now, we had Lorelei with us.

We took a stroll in the morning sun, stopped for a feed on a bench by the river and watched the ducks drift by. Elisabeth and I both reminisced on our own childhoods, out on a crisp sunny morning to toss bread for the birds. Pretty soon, we’d be doing the same thing with our own daughter. But for now, she was content enough in her buggy, so long as we were moving that is. Clearly, it’s true what they say that babies love being in motion.

Unfortunately, there were no Star Wars goodies to be had, just a three and half foot-tall Darth Vader that was far too big for my home. It’s the journey and not the destination, as they say, and just being outside with our daughter made us feel more like a family than anything else. A few action figures would have been nice though.

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